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Uncle Sam’s Bucks, Part II

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Last week I promised advice on how to find good whitetail hunting on public property. So it’s time to deliver the goods. The photo above serves as my opening example; this monster-beamed whitetail was kind enough to pose for my camera on a state wildlife management area two summers ago. Sure he beat me that […]

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How to Kill a Mature Buck

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Rule #1: be in an area that produces big bucks. Quite simply put, if the area you hunt does produce big bucks, do not shoot small bucks.

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An Oily Business

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To oil or not to oil, that’s is the question. And it has nothing to do with Shakespeare.   Rifle shooters are often puzzled by barrel maintenance protocol. How often should you clean them? Should you oil them after cleaning? Grease them? Leave them dry? Does oil make a barrel inaccurate?  There are some hard and […]

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