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Scott Bestul

What Does a Perfect Deer Wind Mean?

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Deer hunters often talk about “the perfect wind” for hunting a stand. Unfortunately, the perfect wind for us is not always the best wind for mature buck movement. Follow this week’s tip to learn another definition for “perfect wind.”

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Whitetail Properties

Ladder Stand 101 – How To Hang And Set Properly

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It’s important to grab a friend to help you hang your ladder stand – this is a two person job, so don’t attempt it all by yourself. Each ladder should come with its own brace-system, so it is vital to use the brace that comes with the ladder. Watch this video blog to see some […]

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Approaching a deer stand

Grant Woods

Approaching the Stand

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For many hunters, tagging a mature buck is the result of coincidence. For others, it is lots of steps performed correctly. So – what are those steps? In this blog I’ll share the steps I practice and follow that have allowed me to tag a mature buck year after year rather than occasionally happening to […]

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