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Scott Bestul

Effective Tips for Using a Deer Decoy

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With the rut in full swing, there’s never been a better point in the whitetail season to use a decoy. Follow this week’s tip to use and set your decoy right…even if you’re a gun hunter!

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CJ Davis

The Art of Using Decoys Winchester Video

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  Think About It Most hunters simply stick out a decoy in hopes of drawing in an animal for a shot. Consistent success requires you to think beyond the obvious. Some considerations to take into account before you stake out your secret weapon include time of the season, phase of the rut, hunting pressure, range […]

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Whitetail deer decoy

Melissa Bachman

Decoy Success

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1. Decoy Type – I like to use the toughest most dominant decoy I can find. My choice last season was a buck made by Dave Smith Decoys. I’ve always used their turkey decoys, and had incredible luck, so when their buck decoy came out I was excited to give it a try. This buck […]

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