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Ron Spomer

Do Not Lose Your Deer!

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What do you do right after you’ve shot a deer? Celebrating might seem like a natural response, but doing so could result in your losing that same deer. Veteran deer hunters save the celebration for later and do these important hunting tasks first.

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Scott Leysath

Scott Leysath Tips On How To Best Dress/Process Game

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Levi Pitt, owner/butcher at Elk Grove, California’s “Kountry Meats” has seen more dead animals this week than most of us will see in a lifetime. Besides ranch butchering, his shop processes game animals. Several months ago, I mentioned that Levi didn’t have a website. He has a good one now and his “Tips for Hunters” […]

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Whitetail Properties

Many times the shot is just the start of recovering a wounded deer

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A key to recovering a deer is to give it ample time after a shot is made – many wounded deer are lost each year because this part of the recovery process is rushed.

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