Sullivan County, TN

Michael Highland

Date of Hunt: November 17, 2016

Time of Day Hunting: Dawn

Deer Activity: Chasing

Number of Deer: 5 Does, 3 Bucks

Type of Hunting: Muzzleloader

Precipitation: None

Bucks were responding to the rattling horns, grunt calls, doe in estrous call, and doe in estrous scent. I was in my stand about 20 minutes when the does showed up. My first series of rattling & grunting brought in the 2 younger bucks, my next series I added the doe in estrous call and a nice mature 8 point showed up and finally gave me a shot at 113 yards. I harvested him with one well placed shot using a 245 grain power belt bullet, backed with 100 grains of 777 pellets. The cool temps. this year have made a big difference in deer movement compared to last season. Where I hunt, last season in November it was so warm wild tom turkeys were strutting, and I believe that the rut did not even take place until after the entire deer season was over. BIG DIFFERENCE THIS YEAR!