Scrape Week Part Two: Better Get Going!

Scott Bestul |


dh_jr-runway_scrape-late_oct_2014*Make a milk run: As much as you want to get in a stand or blind now, scouting has to be part of your routine. Fortunately, your cameras are doing most of the work for you, so your job is simple; make frequent (I go every other day, and sometimes daily, for cams that aren’t near bedding areas) runs into your cams to swap out cards.

*Watch for the shift: You should notice a marked shift toward daylight scrape visits as the days go by….at least at some of your setups. As soon as you notice this shift happen, it’s time to hang a stand to capitalize on thecrab_claw_licking_branch-runway_scrape-oct_2012behavior. Don’t wait “for things to really get good” (I quote that saying because I’ve heard too many hunters utter it)….the window on scrape week shuts in a hurry, and you need to hop on the action as soon as you get a hint that it’s happening.

*Stay mobile: Obviously, if the one scrape is markedly hotter than all the rest, hop on the action there. But a far better plan is to keep monitoring activity at all the scrapes and be ready to make a move to another site if bucks start hammering that one. The great thing about having multiple hot scrapes is it allows you to spread pressure among several sites.perfect_10_ii-runway_scrape-oct_2014

*Work it hard: Most hunters enjoy the chaos and frenetic activity of the chase and peak-breeding phase. Sure, you’ll probably see more bucks when the rut is going full bore….but your chances of actually killing a buck in his home range is much higher during that magic period called “scrape week.”