Buck Personality – Understand It and You’ll Shoot More Deer

Scott Bestul |

Obviously, a mellow buck would be easier to hunt than an edgy one, an aggressive stud more likely to come to rattling than a scaredy cat. It helped me a bunch, and it can help us all.

Take the trail cam pics of this buck, just snapped awhile ago. While he’s no world beater, he’s a great buck. More important, he looks highly huntable. For starters, many of the pics I’ve got of this 8-point are during daylight, a hint that he doesn’t have the nocturnal tendency of so many “vampire bucks” I encounter. Second, he’s often in the company of other deer (bucks included), suggesting that he’s not a paranoid loner. Finally, the buck appears very calm and unagitated by the camera; not only do I have a bunch of photos of him at this site, he’s fully aware of the camera and unbothered by it. In fact, the last (night time) shot shows him rising from a bed he occupied for over an hour, less than 10 yards away.

In short, this buck appears highly huntable. He’s no dummy of course; like all whitetails, he’ll obey any warning that his nose, ears and eyes give him, and I’ll still have to be just a whisker smarter than him to get a shot. But I won’t be wasting precious time on a buck that spends his life on his belly, either.

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