An Easy to Make Flank Steak Recipe

Scott Leysath |

Often discarded, the venison flank is a tender meaty morsel that’s also versatile. You can grill it as-is or pound it into thick little medallions and stuff it with asparagus, cheese and anything else that makes you happy. Slice it thinly across the grain and throw it into a hot wok for a quick and tasty stir-fry. If you treat it right, it’ll melt in your mouth. Overcook it, and it’s jerky-tough.

The flank steak is the thin layer of muscle cut from around the belly. Most often, it’s cut away as trim and ground into burger like so many other usable parts of a deer that are often better off not ground. It’s great marinated with olive oil, lime juice, garlic, cilantro and Mexican spices. After a few hours in the marinade, slap it on a white-hot skillet or grill and cook for only a couple of minutes per side. Cooking it past medium-rare and you’ll think I’m crazy for telling you how great it is. Once the internal temperature reaches 130 degrees, remove it from the heat, slice it into thin strips and load the meat onto warm flour or corn tortillas. You’ll never grind it into burger again. If your deer is an older buck, I’d recommend lightly pounding flank steaks prior to cooking in order to make them more tender when cooked.

The video recipe is one of my favorites for venison flank, but it’ll work well with any hunk of deer meat. Have all your ingredients on deck and don’t leave the meat in the skillet longer than it takes to brown the meat on both sides. The crab meat is optional, but it sure tastes better with a big pile of warm crab on top.

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