Pick a Power – Any Power

Ron Spomer |

Neither the guide nor I had any trouble with it, which suggests part of the reason for the incessant scope fiddling: hunters aren’t sufficiently trained in the use of their rifles.

You might be a rifle-shooting wizard, but if you sometimes have trouble getting your scope on target and the trigger pulled, I suggest you adopt a firm policy with three vows:

I will set my scope on one power and leave it there all the while I hunt unless I cannot clearly see the reticle on the target. (This will happen about once per lifetime at any setting from 3X, to 6X.)
I will remount and adjust my scope so that it aligns perfectly with my eye when I shoulder my rifle. (Not too far forward, backward, low or high.)

I will practice raising, shouldering and aiming my scoped rifle hundreds of times each week until I can do it in my sleep with both eyes closed and one foot tied behind my wife’s sister’s husbands mother’s uncle’s sheep dog.

In other words, you will train to use your rifle properly and efficiently so that you know — so that every muscle and nerve in your body knows — that you can and will raise it properly and find any target in your scope in an instant, every time. You won’t guess or hope you can find the game in the scope — you will KNOW you will find the game right under the reticle, immediately, smoothly, quickly.

And then all you have to do is steady the rifle and squeeze the trigger. It will not take 30 seconds. It will not take 10 or even 5 seconds. It will not require the twisting or turning of any scope dials. Your quarry will die from a bullet through the boiler room, not of boredom.