Red Oak acorns

Red Oak Acorns

Grant Woods |

By this time the red oak acorns are becoming less bitter and a preferred food source.

Remember that deer are very selective feeders, and they will seek the best food in their range they don’t associate with fear. So, if there is a failure or shortage of white oak acorns one year, deer may begin consuming the red oak acorns much earlier during the fall than normal. Hungry deer aren’t near as picky as those with plenty of preferred food to eat.

So, scouting for stand locations based on acorns as the attraction or food source is a constantly changing task. Some years there may be so many white oak acorns that deer don’t begin to seek red oak acorns till January. Other years, due to limited or no production of white oak acorns, deer may begin seeking red oak acorns during the early part of fall.

To avoid spending all my time during season scouting, I spend a good bit of time scanning both white and red oak acorn tree tops this time of year with my binoculars. This allows me to accurately predict the acorn crop and which trees will produce acorns this season. I search for both white and red oak acorns; note the abundance of both and plan my stand locations accordingly.

Being able to predict where deer will be feeding by understanding their preference gives me a huge advantage. However, remember deer prefer the best food in their range that they don’t associate with danger. So take the appropriate precautions when scouting. It’s just as important to not alert deer as it is to find the preferred food source!

Growing and hunting deer together,
Dr. Grant Woods,

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